Terms of Service

General principles

The Company offers services based on the principles of a private contract and may not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of any activity outside of the scope of those principles.

While investing the Client does so voluntarily on their initiative regardless of any information or statements published on the Company's website www.e-profit.biz or any other sources associated with this website or the COmpany itself.

The Client agrees and accepts that use of any information or the Company's website may not serve as a contractual guarantee and acknowledges their investment process involves only their funds.

The Company must provide a safe and secure version of the website for the benefit of further interaction between the Company and the Client, named "the Parties" hereinafter.


The Company performs all activities provided by the website content while keeping all transactions safe and secure as prescribed by the Privacy Policy.

The Company's website uses technical solutions that prevent any interference with the connection process, data transfer and third-party information exchange.

The Company makes every effort possible to organise uninterrupted work of the website. However, no guarantee may be provided that such efforts will continue in the future.

The Client agrees to keep their authentication details (username and password) in confidence and may not release them to a third party. Should the Client breach this term, the Company may not be responsible for any losses incurred by the Client.

Responsibility waiver

The Client accepts that the Company may not be responsible for any technical issues related to how the website works, or if it or its components do not work if such is caused by force majeure or in instances of a third party intervention into the interaction process between the Company and the Client. Consequently, the Company may not be held liable if the non-exhaustive cases mentioned above lead to any material losses.
The company may not serve as a guarantor or as the last authoritative and decisive instance and may not act as an insurance or bank institution.


The Client may not register themself using their own referral link.

The Client has the right to create investments using their account.

The Client has the right to create an unlimited amount of investments within the framework of the conditions fully laid out in the FAQ section.

The Client has the right to use any electronic payment system from the list below:
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Payeer (USD), Perfect Money (USD), Advanced Cash (USD).

The Client has the right to change the currency upon submission of a withdrawal request. For example, while using Bitcoin for the initial investment, the Client may create a withdrawal request using any other payment system specified in the T&Cs.

The Company reserves the right to process any withdrawal request, including withdrawal of referral bonuses, within 72 hours.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 (one) USD.

As specified in the investment offers, all payouts occur on the weekdays only. Unless determined by a particular offer, no payments occur on Saturdays or Sundays.

Withdrawals occur on calendar days, including Saturdays and Sundays.


The Client has the right to use all support options provided by the Company. In particular, but not limited to, the Client may submit a support request to the Company, using the
support request form, Skype, Telegram.
All support options are listed in the Contact Us section.


Every Client has the right to receive partner rewards as specified in the Company's referral program as fully outlined in the "Partners" section on the Company's website.


The Company reserves the right to send any messages, notices, announcements etc. to the Client if in the Company's opinion the mentioned types of communication are directly related to the interaction process between the Client and the Company.

The Client agrees to the mentioned instances of communication as provided for in the Privacy Policy of these T&Cs.

Dispute resolution

The Parties accept that any disputes will be fully resolved exclusively within the framework of these T&Cs.

Parties' liability

The Client accepts that if they breach any of these T&Cs, provisions of the Privacy Policy or any provisional content displayed on the website with no exceptions, the Company has the right to suspend or refuse service to such Client permanently.

The Client accepts that if any spam activities, any malware of damage- or ransom-related technologies have taken place, or if any activity related to the financing or supporting terrorism has discovered the Company will suspend such Client's account and notify competent authorities, including disclosure of their data.


The Client agrees that the content of these T&Cs may change from time to time, although not necessarily. The provisions of these T&Cs may be altered, modified or altered exclusively at the Company's discretion without giving prior notice to the Client.
The Client accepts that it is their sole responsibility to track any changes or amendments to these T&Cs and the COmpany may not be responsible for any material losses that can incur as a result of the untimely discovery of such changes or modifications by the Client.

Any changes, modifications or amendments are effective upon their publication in the relevant section of the website, which sometimes, but not necessarily, may be announced in the News section.

If the Client continues to use the Company's website after such changes to the T&Cs have been made, their actions constitute acceptance of these changes, and the Client acknowledges their understanding and awareness.

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