Privacy Policy

The same principles govern any changes, amendments or modifications to this Privacy Policy as those concerning modification of the Terms of Service.

This Privacy Policy sets terms and provisions regulating the collection, storage, transfer or disclosure of personal data either attributed to clients registering personal accounts on or those using the Excellent-profit website as an information resource to a third party.

Collected information

We collect any identifying information unless otherwise specified by international laws or the laws of the Australian Union. For example, such may be cookie files, OS details etc.
We collect the mentioned information when one starts using our website, even though they might not have an account with us at that time.

Also, we collect personal information after the user created a personal account. For example, email address, full name, payment details, billing information etc.

Information storage

The company uses the most secure and technically sophisticated hostings and software methods of data protection and under no circumstances will submit unencrypted personal data files for such storage.
We also use cloud technologies for data storage and multilevel encryption for its security.

Transfer (provision) of information

The company may disclose personal user information to competent authorities in the following cases only:
1) The user has attempted to cause material or moral damage to the company or other users;
2) The user has breached the Terms or Conditions of Service.
Except for the two cases mentioned above, under no circumstances will the company disclose any personal user or client information to a third party and stores all collected or provided information in complete and unconditional confidence.

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